Loving where we live.

Everyday Co. is a participatory design studio that creates new pathways and projects alongside leaders who wish to explore more daring possibilities—for the people they serve, the places they impact, and the culture they exist within (or push against).

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Our Vision

We imagine a world where beauty, peace, unity, joy, and belonging are prioritized, and collaborate with folks who long for that too. Our partners include leaders from churches, nonprofits, CDC’s, social enterprises, schools, philanthropies, and local governments.


Our Services

  • Vision, mission + strategy development

  • Team design + development

  • Process design + project management

  • Storytelling: Content creation + graphic design

  • Spiritual direction + coaching

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Our People + Place

Situated in Cincinnati’s Price Hill neighborhood, Everyday Co. is an active center where art, culture, design, justice, and faith collide.

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Our Blog

When the spirit wills us, we try our best to pen some thoughts/ideas/reflections. If anything resonates with you, we’d love to hear about it.

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You + Us?

We’d love to hear what you’re dreaming about, stuck on, perplexed by, challenged with, and/or energized by. Please take a moment to share some of your story with us—we look forward to being in touch.