People make the place.


Our Principle

Megan Trischler launched Everyday Co. in 2019 to bring together her qualifications in people-centered design with her interests in community building and neighborhood regeneration. Passionate about shaping spaces, places and experiences that foster connection and participation, Megan leads creative projects while stewarding the studio’s vision, mission, and development.

 A simplifier at heart, Megan’s background in graphic design allows her to translate complex things into (slightly) less complex things. Her philosophy on design and it’s role in supporting holistic community health and human dignity resulted from her experiences in Hale County, AL where she learned how to be a “citizen designer” alongside students at the Rural Studio and other young designers finding their way in Project M.

Megan earned her BFA from the College for Creative Studies, where she’s also served as a professor.


Our People

Everything we do requires a team. Depending on project need and location, we pull from a vast rolodex of talent to assemble multi-disciplined and diverse groups of people ready to play and work (“plork”) together. That’s what makes all of this so much fun. We share space, ideas, coffee, oxygen, and (sometimes) even our sandwiches. We care about each other, the world, and you.

Our Place

We occupy a small office within a modest storefront in a dynamic urban neighborhood. The studio is an active center of creativity, culture, and spirituality that seeks to provide our neighbors (mostly students) with stable ground in fast-changing times.


Monday–Friday, 10AM–3PM, or by appointment.