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Vision, mission, + strategy development

Variable: Workshop rate — Many leaders are required to evolve their approach to their work/organizations constantly. Growing staff, shifting contexts, unexpected twists in the road, boredom—even the smallest changes can be reason enough for a leader to zoom out and regain the perspective needed to remember why and what they’ve set out to do in the first place. While a complete vision/mission/strategy overhaul typically isn’t necessary, sometimes a process to help recalibrate, reset, or reexamine direction can be beneficial.

Team design + development

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Process design + project management

Variable: Between $45–$125/hour — Pablo Picasso famously said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” World-changing vision and bold dreams are important, but the skill and diligence required to move those ideas forward, off paper and into being, is another story all together. Shaping the necessary steps required to bring extraordinary things to life is one of the activities we enjoy most as a studio—it reminds us of drawing treasure maps as kids. It takes patience and persistence. Walking alongside you, fearless leader, to steward your good work day after day is one part of the creative process that brings us the most joy. We’re not called Everyday Co. for nothing :)

Storytelling: Content creation + graphic design

Variable: Between $45–$125/hour — Ernest Hemingway was known for his rigorous editing technique, whereby he meticulously removed word after word from his manuscripts. The result was a concise handling of the English language, devoid of superfluous expressions. Simplifying written and visual communication down to the essence helps make information approachable and accessible to a wider audience. That’s our general philosophy as a studio. Simplify, simplify. Bells and whistles this is not. One more thing: piecharts and platitudes rarely change hearts, but your story might. Let’s just tell that okay?

Spiritual direction + coaching

Personal: $125/hour — Leaders are often overwhelmed with attention-consuming requests: run meetings, sit on panels, record a podcast, serve on committees, raise a family, etc. While it’s impossible to navigate these demands on our energy perfectly, it can be beneficial to engage an encouraging ear on occasion who can help us see the forest of our lives through the daily trees. The goal of both spiritual direction and coaching is to help you become more aware of yourself, listen for God’s presence in your life, and move you in action (when appropriate) towards what God might be doing in you and through you.