Tomorrow Today is Kate Creason and Megan Deal. Our practice is supplemented by a curated selection of talent from around the country, based on problem, project and location. Our teams are multi-disciplined and diverse, allowing us to produce a broad range of work under the same roof. We share space, air, coffee and sometimes bagels. We care about each other. We care about the future. We care about you.

Kate Creason

Kate Creason is lead operations director for Tomorrow Today. Kate’s past work includes serving as director of MakeWork, a Chattanooga-based initiative that empowers artists with financial support, entrepreneurial resources, and showcase opportunities.

With a unique background in art and architecture, Kate has cultivated strong project managements skills as well as an eye for detail and design. She is passionate about developing creative initiatives that promote place-based change and tools that connect artists to their communities.

Kate holds a M.Arch from Georgia Institute of Technology and a BFA from the University of Tennessee.

Email Kate: kate@tomorrowtoday.is

Megan Deal

Megan Deal is lead creative director for Tomorrow Today. Megan’s past work includes the development of PieLab—a pie shop, job-training center and cultural hub in Greensboro, Alabama; and the design and development of CoSign—an initiative that paired business owners with local artists and professional sign fabricators to install a critical mass of new storefront signage in Cincinnati.

A simplifier at heart, Megan’s background in graphic design allows her to translate complex information into accessible visual solutions.

Megan earned her BFA from the College for Creative Studies, where she’s also served as an adjunct professor.

Email Megan: megan@tomorrowtoday.is